When anyone mentions Cumbria to me they always bring up the subject of walking. If ever a county in the United Kingdom was created for walkers then this is the one.

As a young man I lived for the weekends when I could get up early, fill a flask of tea, make some sandwiches, pack a small rucksack and set off on a bus from the steel and mining town of Workington, to walk across as many peaks as I could manage in the day.

My favourite walk was to be dropped off in Braithwaite and tackle the gut wrenching walk up the Kinn to reach the path to Grizedale Pike. This gave me magnificent views across the Solway Firth, Scotland and the Isle of Man, plus the coast line of the county. Magnificent!


Round the hill and on to Catbells. To the left is Bassenthwaite Lake and Skiddaw, to the right is Derwentwater. This is a fantastic walk. At the bottom a meander along the road into Keswick and down to Friars Crag on the lakeside, to demolish my sandwich and flask of tea. Then, off to meet some mates for a quick pint before catching the bus home.

Friars Crag, Keswick

This is not a walk for the faint hearted and the less than fit but there are so many walks in the area. A stroll along a lakeside and over a little knoll and another amazing vista awaits you.

This is the reason so many of our famous writers, artists and poets settled here and many of their like minded and talented friends visited them. Whilst I have had the pleasure of seeing the Lake-district from up on the tops, the valleys also offer unparalleled beauty and exhilarating walks. From lake sides to quaint villages and sheep filled fields, especially at lambing time. Through the magical forests and quite often a delightful hostelry where the drinks are good and the food is terrific.

It is all still there, nothing much has changed since Wordsworth’s day, so get out there and enjoy, even when its raining.

Tell us about the walks you have enjoyed in Cumbria whether you are lucky enough to live there or while on holiday.

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