The Beautiful City Of Chichester

Until very recently I had never visited this beautiful city in West Sussex. 

Having travelled the globe and lived in many countries, and coming originally from Cumbria, a county famous for its stunning Lake District, I thought I had seen the best of what is on offer. Then I moved to Chichester  from Italy a few months ago and was knocked sideways. 

The things I Love About Chichester

Where does one start? We could start with the magnificent Cathedral which has seen and endured the travails of history but still retains a lot of its original glory and purpose. I have spent a number of pleasant hours just sitting in one of the chapels absorbing its peace and trying to visualise the historic scenes that were carried out there. A truly stupendous jewel at the heart of the city. 

Standing beside the Cathedral is the Bishops Palace Garden, a haven of peace, solitude, lawns, trees, exotic shrubs and blossoms. It is huge, beautiful and open to the public. 

A walk along the Roman wall which surrounds this city is a must. Within these walls, the city, which I would describe as an almost perfect film set, except it is real and people live here. Cobbled streets, Georgian townhouses alongside 17th century cottages down narrow lanes, waiting to be discovered.

The four main thoroughfares reach out from the stunning architectural feature  ‘The Cross’. North, South, East and West streets are filled with almost every shop that could ever be needed, including over 100 coffee and cake shops. Pubs abound and always seem busy, The populace is polite and helpful. Because the city is basically flat it is also a haven for those with mobility problems, the streets are wide and mainly pedestrianised. 

So what we have is an ancient Roman settlement, now a vibrant English City, a short distance from London, on the coast and near the South Downs. It features an impressive and important art gallery, Pallant House, a fantastic theatre and nearby are golf courses, marinas and race tracks. 

Perhaps I shouldn’t be telling you this. I live here now and want to keep this lovely city to my self but in all honesty I have to say it really is worth a visit, at any time of the year.

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