What is so Special about the English Pub?

The great English pub or inn is an important English institution. Renowned the world over, the great English pub is not only a place to enjoy a pint or something stronger it is also an important social centre, the focus of community life in villages, towns and cities throughout the entire country.

They have become fantastic places to stay with many offering weekend breaks, romantic getaways, gourmet food and for lovers of real ale, some have their own microbrewery.

Many are steeped in history, with ancient beams, creaky floorboards, cosy corners and a welcome as warm as the roaring fire in the bar. Some have been transformed into gastro pubs serving delicious food, where everyone is welcome.


Ale and beer have, throughout history, formed a part of the staple English diet. The brewing process made it a much safer drinking option than water.

Apparently, the great English pub started life as an Italian roadside wine bar. Introduced by the Romans in 43AD to help quench the thirst of the invading legionary troops, they eventually started to sell the native English brew, ale, as well.

The history of pubs has become more and more popular with visitors and families keen to find out historical facts and the significance of a pub to its community.

Avanti Ventures Pub and Brewery Half Day Tours

Our tours will visit selected real ale breweries and heritage pubs in Cumbria, The Cotswolds and London. A bit of history, some great food and drink ( if you want to taste something that’s traditional and brewed in a way that’s very similar to how it was brewed hundreds of years ago, then you have to  try real ale), along with the unique atmosphere of a pub and of course a welcoming landlord. What more could you want on a cold winter’s afternoon or a hot summer’s day for that matter.

Pub culture is an integral part of English life. Pubs are a place to go to relax, socialize and have a drink. As a visitor to England, it is something you should experience if you want to learn about us and our culture, even if you don’t drink alcohol.

On a Personal Note

To me, like most Brits, my local pub wherever I have lived has been a really important place to chill, meet friends and have a good Sunday roast lunch. Covid-19 has caused so many of our pubs to close permanently or come close to bankruptcy.

Hopefully by Spring 2022 we can offer these tours for you to discover for yourselves an important part of our English heritage, The Great English Pub!!

Tell us about your Favourite Pub.

Leave a comment below and tell us about your favourite pub in England. Somewhere that you still remember with fond memories and a smile. What did you especially like? Was it the location, the atmosphere, the ale or the food. We would love to hear from you.

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4 thoughts on “The Great English Pub”

  1. Pubs have been a major part of my life for most of the reasons in the above blog..Having travelled the world, many times, I have always been delighted to get back to my favourite local pub to down the great British pint..Pubs are what makes Great Britain Great

  2. I have a number 0f favourite English pubs..my first one, during my formative years, was The Curwen Arms in Workington…then when I lived in Chelsea London my favourite was The Coopers Arms Flood St, Chelsea.
    I am constantly on the lookout for favourite English pubs and pursue this pleasant quest with great enthusiasm

  3. My favourite Pub is The Earl of March in Lavant. The beer is excellent. With the owner being the ex executive head chef of The Ritz you can expect great food.. coupled with great views I highly recommend a visit!!

  4. My best pub is The Swan in Bramham – know locally as Top Pub (top of the hill rather than The Red Lion which is bottom of the hill). Good guest beers, No food, No fruit machines, no till! (just a wooden drawer). Proper village local.

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