Hutton-in-the-Forest, Cumbria

This historic Cumbrian house located on the edge of the Lake District was at least 250 years old when it was bought by my family in 1605. We love living here and are sure you will enjoy visiting. As well as a rich variety of architecture, furnishings and a beautiful garden, there are varied outdoor events during the summer, including the Plant and Food Fair, historic vehicles, The Wanasee Music Festival and Potfest in the Park.

Lord Inglewood

Hutton-in-the-Forest, Cumbria. Lord and Lady Inglewood’s ancient house in the medieval Forest of Inglewood was originally built as a stronghold against the Scots. Their family has lived at Hutton for over 400 years and the house has evolved through centuries of change into an architectural puzzle with each generation leaving its mark both inside and outside. The house contains fine collections of furniture, ceramics, tapestry and portraits.

The extensive gardens with topiary and terraces, a wild flower meadow and lake, lead round to the Walled Garden which is now the main flower garden. Tulips and lilies, a large collection of herbaceous plants, roses and fruit trees are a mass of colour and interest throughout the summer and autumn.

Images and quote courtesy of Hutton-In-The-Forest

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