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We all have interests or hobbies that we enjoy, but very often we just don’t get the time or the opportunity to really bring them to life. Wouldn’t it be great to combine an interest that you are passionate about with a holiday in Britain?

Your passion is golf, wouldn’t it be amazing to finally tee off on the old course at St Andrews or you want to combine your love of the outdoors with your interest in all things ancient Rome, with a walk along Hadrian’s Wall or you have let your imagination run riot while deep in a book and now is the time to discover the actual places you have only read about up until now?

Great Britain is a fantastic destination for anyone who loves travelling, our language, history, literature, art, music or sport. It has everything from the spectacular highlands and lochs of Scotland to the pretty, timeless Cotswold villages and cities steeped in history like London and Edinburgh. There are also hundreds of beautiful National Parks including Snowdonia in Wales and the Lake District in Cumbria.

I have listed a few interests you might recognise as your own that could play a part in attracting you to Great Britain for a visit.

Ancestry and a sense of belonging

There are many reasons why people choose to research their family history and one of them is a strong desire to learn more about themselves. Britain has a rich history and excellent records going back hundreds of years so you have a good chance of discovering your roots.

You might already know a lot about your ancestors but have never had the opportunity to visit where they came from before.

The english language

Some visitors to Britain view our language with a sense of relief, as they come from another English speaking country like the United States or Australia and they don’t have to worry about understanding a foreign language. Although our different accents and dialects often cause some perplexity!

Whereas visitors whose first language is not English might be worried that they won’t be able to communicate with the locals and appreciate the attractions enough. Some take a few classes before coming and then relish the opportunity to practice their language skills on friends, family or people they meet on holiday. Interpreters can always be found, if needed, or take some fun classes while you are on holiday, if you have the time.

Love of reading

There is nothing quite like snuggling down with a good book and being transported to a different time and place. Some people become life long readers and derive great pleasure from the process. Reading and travel/holidays have a strong association, whether under an umbrella on a sun-soaked beach or to while away the hours on a plane.

Reading, whether novels, poetry or plays, can also make you want to visit the places that have aroused your imagination. Or you might want to visit the houses where the authors lived and drew their inspiration from. Everything is possible! For example:

Harry Potter, JK Rowling wrote her first book while living in Edinburgh and many scenes from her books were set there too, so fans flock there wanting to walk down Diagon Alley or visit Hogwarts Castle itself!

Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle based his famous detective on a doctor he met while studying medicine at Edinburgh University so it’s no surprise that Holmes aficionados want to visit 221B Baker Street (the address used by Sherlock), St Bart’s Hospital (where Dr Watson worked as an army surgeon), and even Scotland Yard (which features prominently in some stories).

Jane Austen, Bath has been associated with Jane Austen since 1801 when she moved there with her family. They lived there for several years.

Charles Dickens , London has more than 100 places connected with Charles Dickens including his birthplace, childhood home.

Historical heritage

If you are interested in British history you just have to come for a visit. Spectacular landmarks such as the royal palaces, historical castles and houses with wonderful gardens, important churches and ancient abbeys all have a story to tell about our nation’s rich heritage.

Our historical heritage is something we’re very proud of, and we know that once you come here on holiday, you’ll be able to appreciate it too.

sporting heritage

From football and golf to cricket and rugby, not to mention horse-racing and fishing, we have a huge love and history of sports. Come to Britain and play that game of golf you have been promising yourself or watch a football match and get a tour round your favourite football club. Indulge yourself!! The Commonwealth Games are held in Birmingham in 2022 and The Golf Open is also next year at St Andrews, Scotland.

nature and spirituality

You love the outdoors and enjoy walking in the mountains or beautiful countryside stopping for lunch in a beautiful old pub. What could be better in life! Whether you choose to go to Scotland or England you will be spoilt for choice. Keeping fit becomes a real pleasure.

There are many sacred sites to visit if your interests lie in this direction. Glastonbury Tor, the Shrine to Minerva in Bath and Stonehenge, which is still the site of the solstice celebrations every year. All are close enough to each other to visit in a day or two and are just three examples.

a passion for travel

Last but not least a passion for travel. Some people are born with the love of travelling, any excuse and they are off packing their bags for a new adventure. My mother had two passions in life, travel and ceramics. She would bundle us four kids into the car and drive from Italy to London at a moments notice. Stopping along the way to visit magical castles in Austria and Germany. She was still travelling in her eighties, driving from Italy to Poland, to buy pottery! But I digress!

Once you arrive in Britain there are various ways to see the country apart from by car. Taking a train is an amazing experience. You can pass landscapes unseen from the confines of a car and travel, safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the environment. From romance, to sheer joy and anticipation, take a trip on a train, for example, from Settle to Carlisle in Cumbria or Glasgow to Mallaig in Scotland.

Don’t forget we are an island so boats play a big part in our lives. We have rivers and canals to explore and fantastic coastal regions as well.

If you’re considering a holiday in Britain, it’s worth looking at the possibility of combining your interests with visiting. Think about what activities you enjoy and see if there might be an opportunity to indulge those passions whilst on holiday. We at Avanti Ventures are here to help you put together an itinerary that works for you. Contact Us!

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