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Homes, Gardens and Golf Tours: Cumbria and The Cotswolds

These tours are aimed at those of you who love to holiday together but have different interests. Our Homes, Gardens and Golf tours enable one or more of you to enjoy the beautiful homes and gardens that Cumbria and The Cotswolds have in abundance while your partner or friends play golf. Everyone is happy!

On the other hand if all you want is a golfing holiday or a leisurely guided tour around beautiful historic houses, gardens and villages that can be arranged. Enquire Here

Check out our holiday ideas for Homes, Gardens and Golf Tours in Cumbria.

Levens Hall gardens
Levens Hall, Cumbria

Homes and Gardens

Cumbria and The Cotswolds are rich in historic houses, stately homes and castles, the majority of which have the most amazing gardens, lovingly cared for generation after generation or recently restored. These larger than life country estates are filled with character and curiosities and are well worth a visit.

Windermere Golf Club, Cumbria

Golf Clubs

There are numerous excellent golf courses in Cumbria and The Cotswolds.  Depending on  your level, amateur or beginner, we will arrange  your days of golf to suit you. Whether it is lessons with a pro or if you are an amateur you can  try out several different golf courses during the course of your holiday.

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