Holker Hall and Gardens

Holker Hall and Gardens, Cumbria

You can tour the house without the restriction of ropes and barriers, and see the distinguished library, elegant drawing room, and ornate dining room. Climb the striking staircase and you can view portraits of Charles II, and Catherine of Braganza. You can visit the bedroom where Queen Mary stayed in 1937.

The restaurant at Holker Hall Cark Cumbria in the summer
Holker Hall & Gardens Restaurant

The gardens at Holker have evolved over many hundreds of years, under the guidance of generations of the Cavendish Family.  Each owner has made their mark, adding new features and plantings, to create a garden that is now rich in character and beauty.  At its heart, it remains a family garden and while its scale is grand, it retains an intimacy in its planting and design.   

Much of the gardens you see today, were developed by Lord & Lady Cavendish over the last 40 years. They are a credit to their eye for detail, sense of fun and love of exotic plants, which they have brought together to give the garden its unique character. The gardens are now entering a new phase with their daughter Lucy Cavendish and her Husband Tor McLaren. Who are now starting to make their own mark.  The gardens have won numerous awards.

All images courtesy of Holker Hall © Holker Estate and Cumbria Tourism.

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