Experiential Tourism Gains In Popularity

When it comes to what to do on holiday, more and more people are looking for something different. They want short authentic experiences that immerse them in the culture of their destination. Experiential Tourism, for a number of reasons, is becoming increasingly popular, offering travellers exactly that!

As the pandemic took hold in 2020 and travel abroad became impossible, domestic holidays took the place of our usual trips to sunnier climes. People wanted to escape their towns and cities, reconnect with nature, visit small country communities and improve their wellbeing.

With a focus on genuine and interesting experiences, these types of activities allow you to explore freely, learn something new and get a real sense of the place and people you’re visiting. Whether you’re learning, hands on, how to cook something, living like a Roman soldier for a day, learning how wine is made and actually taking some part in the wine making process (and drinking it of course) or joining an outdoor art or photography class for a day.

We are increasingly made aware of the importance of responsible, sustainable tourism. These kinds of short, very different cultural experiences, while really enjoyable for visitors, also help local communities and businesses.

I’m not suggesting for one minute, as life returns to normal, we should ignore Britain’s rich historical heritage. Our iconic sites, museums, palaces, castles and monuments. We all have ‘must see’ places to visit when on holiday, whether it’s the Tower of London or The Roman Baths in Bath or Hadrian’s Wall, Cumbria.

But why not take it a step further. Visit wonderful Bath then take a drive to The Cotswolds and spend an afternoon learning how to make scones from an ancient recipe, bake them in a traditional oven, while they are cooking take a walk with your host through the countryside on paths that only the locals know and then have a wonderful cream tea, scones included. Or visit Hadrian’s wall in Cumbria (2022 marks the 1900 anniversary of the wall) and then spend a day actually living like a Roman soldier lived. Mix it up a little!

Slip a half day or a full day experience into your holiday itinerary and you won’t regret it. These activities are usually between 3-6 hours in length and allow you to get a real flavour of what it was like living in a certain time in history or immerse yourself in the present day culture of a place and touch base with the locals over a pint. You’ll  see things from a completely different, rounded perspective!

Coming Up in 2022.

Avanti Ventures will have a whole range of fantastic experiences, from all over England, for you to choose from. Watch this space

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