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English Culture and Language tours 2022

We Offer Day Tours and 3 Day Collection Tours For The Ultimate Holiday Experience

Language and culture are intertwined to such an extent that it is impossible to learn another language without learning something about the culture and heritage of the country as well. Our guided English Culture and Language tours are designed primarily for people who are passionate about our culture and our language. You might be studying English for work, pleasure or maybe you are an EFL/ESL and CLIL teacher interested in learning a bit more about your subject. There is the built in option, on these tours, of English conversation for an hour after your tour has ended.

We offer the opportunity to break away from the ‘classroom’ to experience English life and culture and to practice your English language skills. You will go back to your own country with wonderful memories and a better understanding of our English way of life and our cultural heritage which as a teacher, will help you bring a new awareness to your classroom or as a student will enhance the connection between your English language skills and English culture.

London and bath and the cotswolds

London, capital city of the United Kingdom, is one of the oldest of the world’s great cities. It is the economic, transportation and cultural centre of our country. Bath, a picturesque and historically appealing city has been called ‘the jewel’ of south west England. Close by are the beautiful Cotswolds, a large protected area of national importance.

London and Windsor

Our tours include visits to iconic places like Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London as well as more off the beaten track London. We also go to Windsor Castle and St Georges Chapel, where Prince Harry and Megan were married and the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh was recently held.

Churchill Statue London
Churchill Statue, London

Bath And The Cotswolds

Bath is one of the UK’s most beautiful cities, with its elegant Georgian architecture, breathtaking scenery and buzzing food scene. If you also want to experience the rolling hills and ancient villages and towns of The Cotswolds, where time has stood still, these tours are for you.

Bourton On The Water
Bourton On The Water, The Cotswolds

cumbria and the lakes

The Lake District and Hadrian’s Wall are both classified as UNESCO World Heritage sites and you will understand why when you visit. The mountains and lakes are visually stunning and if you think back in history to all the poets, writers and artists who were inspired by this place it all makes sense.

Hadrian’s Wall

Set amongst the wild beauty of the Cumbrian and Northumbrian landscapes Hadrian’s Wall is an inspiring and atmospheric monument to an extraordinary civilization. There are forts, castles and towns to visit on this tour as you learn about the Romans and discover the importance of protecting the northern border of Roman Britain.

Birdoswald Roman Fort, Cumbria
Birdoswald Roman Fort, Cumbria

Wordsworth Beatrix Potter and Ruskin

The most famous historical figures that made the Lakes their home were William Wordsworth, Beatrix Potter and John Ruskin, one of the most influential social and environmental theorist of his time. On these tours you will be visiting some of the houses and wonderful galleries and museums that have been set up to preserve this part of England’s cultural heritage.

Glencoyne- Ullswater- Wordsworth daffodils-gallery image
Daffodils Ullswater

About Our Tours

All our tours are stand alone one day tours and can be booked at any time of the year. We have grouped together 3 of these day tours, in each place, to make a collection, to give you a more complete holiday experience. The emphasis of our guided tours in this section is on our culture and heritage. These are not teacher led English language courses. But, you will have plenty of time to practice your language skills as well in our optional evening group English conversation hour and with your knowledgeable and experienced guide. In order to get the most out of your English Culture and Language Tour, it is advisable to have a minimum CEFR level B1+.

We offer guided day tours in 2022 of London and Windsor, Cumbria, Bath and The Cotswolds. These can be private group tours – bookable any time of the year- or you can join an open group tour- dates to be announced February 2022. They are all limited to 6 people and are for adults only. Come to Britain and book a tour with us as part of your holiday.

Depending on which tour you choose you will be able to explore the iconic sites of London and visit its wonderful museums, discover our rich Roman heritage at the UNESCO site of Hadrian’s Wall or Bath, learn about the lives of some of England’s most well known literary figures, where they lived and what inspired them and lots more.

Experience our English way of life from our historic pubs and our tea rooms to scrumptious full English breakfasts and cream teas or a pint of real ale. Beautiful villages, gardens and historic houses and cities. Britain at its best!

Most of our tours involve some walking especially in London and Bath. In Cumbria and The Cotswolds there will also be the opportunity to enjoy walks in the spectacular countryside.

English Culture And Language Tours

some important points

We have highlighted some of the more important features of our tours.

3 Day Tour Collection

Our fixed price 3 day guided tours are made up of one day stand alone tours which will start in 2022. Each day is packed full of different places to see. Book a day or 3 to get the full experience. Reservations can be made from January 2022 onwards. There is a £50 non-refundable administration fee for private group 2 or 3 day collection tours.

Language Learning

While heritage and culture form the major part of these tours, the English language is an important part of the tour as well. There is a built in option of English conversation for an hour after your day tour has finished.

Who Are These Tours For?

These tours are for adults ( age 18 and over) in private groups of 6 people only or join an open group of like minded people. Why not put together a group of friends or colleagues and come to Britain for an unforgettable holiday. Private group tours can be booked anytime of the year. Open group tour dates to be announced February 2022.


There is a fair amount of walking on all our tours, London and Bath in particular. Therefore they are not suitable for persons with reduced mobility. Transport can be organised by special arrangement if needed.

Levens Hall gardens
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